Tyki 2014 Application of CREE push Ra for 95 of the LED proj

Cree (Cree) to new Ra95 play color (CRI) option and two new led its industry-leading CXA series expansion, provide a set of high performance, a strong platform for design diversity and low cost, can provide up to play color LED twice the effect of light source for lighting equipment manufacturers.
Due to a combination of high-quality light source and the optical output and efficiency, the new series of CXA modeling color options like halogen light color, and broaden the illumination performance bounds. Cree CXALED array extension series, including XLampCXA1304 CXA1816 and provide wider space for the manufacturer to the best and expand its portfolio of LED lighting products.
Light TYKI corn light, cast light lamps application of the CREE series of products for customers to make the best light.
New XLampCXA1304LED array is the small series of members, to 6mm size of light source to provide up to 1034 lumens, the lighting equipment manufacturers can quickly provide small sizes for lighting applications. New XLampCXA1816LED array can be opened up to 70 watt ceramic metal halide projection lamp, or 12mm source size reached 2000 lumens of downlight.
CXA series led to all offers 6000 hours lm-80 test data. The design of the support base TM-21, even L90 in temperature of 105 degrees C, can also have more than 4 years of service life. Color temperature range for 2700K-5000K, high play color CXALED array provides typical color rendition of 95, when the color temperature of 3000K provide typical R9 value was 85.
All CXALED array has color temperature EasyWhite, LED industry in using only the design of a LED, provide the best color consistency. New series CXALED array now provide the choice of more than 300 to 10000 lumens of.XLampCXA1304 (9V and 37V alternative) and CXA1816LED sample is now available, and mass production.